Chicago Business Internships

Business Internships Pursing a business degree in one of the many exciting avenues within this career field, you will quickly find that you are competing with many others out there for the job of a lifetime. This makes it important to pave a way for you to stand out in the crowd. Business schools and universities throughout Chicago have taken notice of this need among individuals seeking career opportunities within the world of business. Many of these educational institutions have teamed up with some of the top notch companies in the area to provide their students passionate about earning a degree in business with internship opportunities that will give them the edge they need in such a highly competitive market. The hands-on training and valuable experience gained are just the beginning of an experience they will gain for a lifetime of rewards. Here are some of the many Chicago Business Internship opportunities that await you:

City of Chicago Internship and Volunteer Programs

The City of Chicago has noticed that individuals pursuing a career within the business industry are the ideal candidates for helping the community grow in a positive direction. The city has established a wide range of business related internship and volunteer programs that give these candidates the ability to gain state-of-the-art training and valuable personal hands-on experience that can carry them into a career of a lifetime. City of Chicago Intern and Volunteer opportunities are available in the areas of:

  • Public Service
  • Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
  • Legal System
  • Human Relations
  • Cultural Affairs and Special Events
  • Fire Department and Safety
  • Youth and Family Support Services
  • Housing and Economic Development
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Administration and Front Desk Services
  • Government Affairs
  • Emergency management Communications
  • City Treasury Department
  • Public Health

You will find all current business related internship and volunteer positions that are available listed at the City of Chicago website located at New applicants that do not find the opportunities that interest them can choose to fill out an online application for future opportunities in which they are matched to perform.

Chicago Summer Business Institute

The Chicago Summer Business Institute is a non-profit organization that is focused on impacting today's youth in a positive way. This organization provides opportunities that will give high school students throughout Chicago opportunities to gain valuable hands on experience by offering them internship programs, scholarships, as well as business and financial literacy education within the world of business. In order to participate in the intern, scholarships, and further education programs that are offered through the Chicago Summer Business Institute, students must fill out an online application available at Their application is carefully screened to ensure that they meet the qualifications for the program in which they are applying. Academic achievement and strong career focus are a few of the factors that are evaluated when selecting students for programs offered through the Chicago Summer Business Institute. The organization has found that these programs also offer valuable benefits to the local businesses throughout Chicago, as well as the community as a whole. Students accepted into the programs offered through Chicago Summer Business Institute attend weekly seminars that are created for their success. These seminars will provide attendees with up-to-date knowledge and tips directly related to the various business careers out there. They also allow individuals to meet with others throughout the community that share their same goals, passions, and career focuses.

Chicago State University College of Business

The Chicago State University College of Business is one of the largest business colleges within the community. This educational facility understands the financial burden placed on individuals that wish to earn their degree in a business related field. They have also taken a genuine interest in providing students passionate about the world of business with hands-on opportunities that are available in the form of internships and volunteer programs. Students can apply for admissions into the internship and scholar programs offered through Chicago State University College of Business on the school's website located at Here you will find individual links, applications, and other pertinent resources for getting started in a positive direction when you are working toward earning your business degree.

Chicago State University College of Business does have on-site professionals that work closely with students to help them find the right opportunities that are available within the community. Working with area businesses, students gain the ability to work side-by-side with experts that have achieved ultimate success within the world of business. Many students find that by building relationships with area business leaders they have new doors open up to them when they have completed their educational endeavor and have earned their desired business degree.