Business Degree Scholarships

Business Degree ScholarshipsWhile earning your business degree opens up many doors in the professional world to you, the financial aspects of attending business specialty schools and universities can often hinder individuals from moving forward in their career endeavor. To ease the financial burdens placed on individuals that wish to pursue one of the many business degrees that are available to them, there are several scholarship opportunities available throughout the Chicago area that give you the peace of mind when it comes to paying for a top notch education. Here are some of the business degree scholarship opportunities you will find throughout the Chicago area:

City Colleges of Chicago Scholarship Information

The City Colleges of Chicago offers some of the top business degrees that are available. Understanding the financial concerns of the students that choose to earn a business degree through one of the many city colleges around Chicago scholarship programs have been created to meet the students tuition needs. You can fill out an online application available through the City Colleges of Chicago website at to apply for one of the many scholarships that are offered.

City Colleges of Chicago STEM Scholarship Information

The City Colleges of Chicago offers STEM scholarships for students that are faced with financial need for tuition, books, school supplies, and other expenses encountered while earning their business degree. Students are required to fill out an application, demonstrate their financial need, and achieve high academic achievement. The CCC STEM Scholarship Application can be found at

Chicago State University Scholarship Information

Chicago State University offers a wide range of scholarships for students working toward one of the many business degrees this school has to offer. You will find further information and applications for apply for the Chicago State University Scholarship Programs available at Among the scholarships available include the CSU Merit Scholarships, the Chicago Regional College Program Scholarships, Chicago State University Presidential Scholars Program Scholarships, and the Chicago State University Foundation Scholarships.

National Association of Black Accountants Scholarship - The National Association of Black Accountants offers scholarship opportunities to minority students that wish to enter various business professionals. You can learn more about this scholarship at

DePaul University Ledger & Quill Scholarship

DePaul University offers some of the top business degree programs available in Chicago. The DePaul University Ledger & Quill Scholarship program is open to students that are focusing on earning a business accounting degree. For further information on the DePaul University Ledger & Quill Scholarship you can contact Dr. Tim Lockyer at the school at (312) 362-5379, or through his email at

Independent Accountants Association of Illinois Scholarship

The Individual Accountants Association of Illinois presents two scholarships to individuals that are pursuing a degree in accounting. These scholarships are valued at $1,000 each. The student must be pursuing their accounting degree through the State of Illinois and be attending an Illinois college, community college within the state or university. Applications for this scholarship can be found at

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Scholarships

The University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business is an educational facility that has worked diligently to gain one of the most prestigious reputations around. Students that choose to earn one of the many business degrees that are offered through Booth School of Business can apply for one of the business degree scholarships that this school has to offer. The school offers Merit based Scholarships, Chicago Booth Fellowship Scholarships, and Corporate Fellowship Scholarships for students that meet the various criteria. You will find applications for these scholarships available at

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Scholarship

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Scholarship is an annual scholarship award program that is available for graduating high school seniors that plan on attending a four-year college or university and wish to pursue a degree within the area of business related to agriculture. Current high school grade point averages, ACT or SAT scores, class rank, leadership activities, and agricultural involvement are all criteria that are considered when applying for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Scholarship program. Applications and additional information can be obtained through the website.

Sallie Mae Scholarships

The Sallie Mae Foundation is well-known for its assistance and resources that are provided for individuals pursing a continued education degree. Scholarships are available through the Sallie Mae Foundation for all types of degree programs. You will find a wide selection of business degree scholarships offered through this organization that will eliminate some of the stress and financial burdens that are placed on an individual that wishes to pursue a degree in business. Information and application forms can be found through the Sallie Mae website at

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