Chicago Business Schools

Chicago Business Schools The business industry is one of the largest around the world. Focusing on areas of management, finance, leadership, marketing, and other such specialty aspects, individuals that wish to pursuit one of the many careers within the business industry will find that attending a prominent and respectable business school is necessary to their success. In Chicago some of these business schools include:

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

First established in 1898, Booth School of Business has provided people with the opportunity to gain the most current skills necessary to succeed in various business related fields. This school is part of the University of Chicago and follows all of the core values that have earned the university its world-renowned standing among higher learning educational facilities around the globe. Through the Booth School of Business, you will be working with faculty members that have shaped the world of business and made it what it is today. Six of the school's current faculty members have been awarded for work they have conducted in the various areas of business.

North Park University School of Business and Nonprofit Management

North Park University's School of Business and Nonprofit Management take students outside of the traditional classroom and put them in the real business world. This gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while providing them with the ability to see their skills at work. CEOs, managers, analysts, and executive directors of some of the most prestigious and successful businesses throughout Chicago act as mentors for students that choose to earn their degree through North Park University's School of Business and Nonprofit Management. These experts within the various business related fields represent industries including banking and finance, marketing, entertainment, healthcare, world renowned corporations around the globe, and more.

DeVry University School of Business & Management

DeVry University is one of the most respected educational facilities throughout the United States. Many people have chosen DeVry University to earn their business degree in a wide range of fields. From Technical Communications to Finance there is a degree program that is right for you. DeVry University's College of Business & Management understands that it is not about today's skills that will get their students the jobs of tomorrow. This college is focused on bringing students the opportunities and knowledge that will build the world of business in the future. The school offers the opportunity for their students to learn in one of the many campuses around Chicago or through online learning programs. Many of the students that choose DeVry University's College of Business & Management for their business degree needs will even have the ability to fill the many internship positions in prestigious businesses around the city.

Roosevelt University's Walter E. Heller College of Business

Walther E. Heller College of Business is focused on providing their students with an education that focuses on today's economy. Using practical application and the successes of businesses in today's corporate world, students will gain the skills and experience that allow them to develop and grow in an upward manner regardless of their career focus in the business industry. Roosevelt University is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in Chicago. Students will find that the Walther E. Heller College of Business which operates through Roosevelt University carries that same level of reputation. You will be offered internships within Chicago area businesses and have the opportunity to study under the guidance of some of the most successful business leaders in the city.

Driehaus College of Business

Driehaus College of Business was first established in 1912. This is the tenth oldest business school within the United States. Students can anticipate receiving one of the highest quality degrees when choosing this college for their business educational needs. Driehaus College of Business is one of the academic facilities that operate through DePaul University. Students will have access to courses that offer firsthand experience in the business field working side-by-side with the industry leaders throughout Chicago. Driehaus College of Business offers association, bachelor, and master degrees in all areas of business.

Kellstadt Graduate School of Business

Kellstadt Graduate School of Business is a business trades school that focuses on graduate programs in all aspects of the business industry. This college operates through DePaul University and focuses strictly on part-time Master of Business Administration degree programs. Kellstadt Graduate School of Business has been ranked as one of the top 10 business trade schools in the world according to sources such as U.S. News and World Report. Students will learn their trade by instructions that have been successful within the area of business themselves. These mentors have demonstrated a high level of passion for instilling the skills and training necessary in the students that entrust them with their own success.

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